Amazonliss Step by Step



For the procedure of the Brazilian Keratin Straightening, aka Thermal Reconstruction/Blowout, you will need the following tools:


Preparation - Very Important!

Before the procedure is necessary to conduct a conversation with every client. Specify whether the customer's allergic reaction to cosmetic ingredients tightly into the product.


It is necessary to conduct a test for the allergic reaction, prior to the procedure:


Apply a drop of keratin (step 2) on the wrist, wait 15 minutes. If the arm is red or scratched, the procedure can not be carried out.  That means the customer is allergic to keratin.  Otherwise proceed.


The procedure is not recommended for pregnant and lactating. It is inadvisable to conduct the procedure on children below 18 y.o. and people with respiratory diseases.


For professional use only.  Do not swallow. In case of irritation - discontinue use. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water immediately and seek a medical assistance if needed. Use only ventilation and air circulation.Wear gloves during application and follow all application instructions.

Effect on hair

The keratin treatment provides smoothing effect, shine, softness and total hair volume reduction without the frizz.

Amazonliss can work for the following types of hair:

  • African or highly textured hair

  • Very curly hair

  • Heavily damaged hair

  • Heavily damaged hair by coloring procedures

  • Natural hair

  • Dyed hair

Hair must be colored 2 days before the procedure or 2 weeks after the procedure amazonliss

The temperature and the properties of the flat iron

Your flat iron should be a ceramic or titanium coating. He must be a thermostat. Heat and work should be at a temperature of 410F - 428F. The temperature should choose depending on the structure of the hair. For African hair using a temperature of 428F.



Wash the hair with Anti Residue Shampoo, massaging into a lather. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse. Repeat the operation for virgin hair or resistant hair.

Use a hair dryer and hands to dry hair to about 85% dry.

Section the hair into 6 equal parts with hair clips.


Apply / Dry

Apply the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment in one section starting from the base of the head. Open the section in half and apply the product on the upper and lower parts of the section. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the entire section, from the roots to the ends, making sure the whole length of hair is covered by the product. Do not over-saturate.


With the hair dryer set to cold air, dry the two section completely without brushing. Repeat on all sides of the section.



Divide the hair into four parts and then flat iron the hair from 8 to 10 times from root to the middle of the strands, and from 4 to 6 times onto the ends, the flat iron temperature should range between 380 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit (using lover temperatures for hair that is more damaged).

Repeat the iron straightening process in all the hair, always making sure to take fine and linear strands of hair throughout the entire head. Always position the flat iron at a 90o angle (perpendicular to the scalp) to achieve a straight result starting from the roots.



Rinse the hair.
Apply the Intensive Repair Mask and work it throughout the hair. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse again.

Blow-dry the hair.