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You — the owner of fashionable salon or the hairdresser wishing to study on a wave of current trends? Then products of Nutree Professional are created for you.

Keratin straightening of Nutree Professional - is one of the most popular and fashionable services of salon business. Come to us as one of the biggest secrets of ideally smooth hair of the Hollywood stars, now it is available to all women, visitors of beauty shops.

If your clients suffer from the disobedient, confused or curly hair, you can offer to them a solution, which is beyond their expectation. Depending on the customer hair type you can offer  "A keratin hair straightening of Amazonliss", "Bottox Therapy"  or "MultiOils".

The Nutree Professional - company the leader in the sphere of professional straightening and treatment of hair. It is easy to begin cooperation with us, it is necessary to buy a starting kit set and train in proper product application. 

After training you receive:

  • Opportunity to buy the certified products for procedure of keratin straightening for the special prices

  • Opportunity to register in free seminars and to watch online seminars and trainings on a product.

  • You learn to carry out correctly this procedure in the conditions of salon, and therefore get best results for your clients.

  • Expand range of services you offer and expand your clientele.

  • Get access to materials on an expense and product cost.

  • As a result you will have indisputable advantage before competitors, meet the needs even the most exacting clients


    In Brazil one of masters made over 18 brazilian keratin in one day!  Read below some of the interviews with salon professionals working with Nutree.

    Interview to the Brazilian hairstylist for celebrities Jeferson Napolitano.

    What your impressions of work with cosmetics of Nutree Professional?

    "I very much like cosmetics of Nutree Professional. Amazonliss hair straightening — this surprising transformation of the client, it is always interesting to observe the change in the hair, and pleasing to see the client  leave salon very happy.

    By the way, I have regular customers who made straightening already 3-4 times. It is not a cheap procedure! However the results are worth it and they keep coming back."

What are the most important areas to pay attention to with the keratin procedure?

"First of all — Follow the rules of the procedure, explained on a Step by Step flyer, Exactly!  It is important to execute each stage correctly: preparatory sink, division of hair, drawing structure, drying, directly straightening, tempeature of the flat iron. It is important to understand the principles of impact on hair correctly and to be able to answer possible questions of clients.



Recently there was a situation, wherre my colleague asked me about her client whose hair tips started to curl,  soon after carrying out of the keratin reconstruction procedure.  If such situation happened, that means that some of the steps in the process were not followed correctly.  If you follow by the book the Step by Step than — the result will be magnificent!

What home care you could you advise for best effect?

The Nutree brand has means for care of house hair, it both shampoos, and conditioners, and masks. All of them are sulfate free, and I recommend them to my clients.