How to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

Hair parting is an effective way to visually correct your face if it seems imperfect to you. The main thing is that you can change it yourself, without visiting a hairstylist. You should only consider the features of your face and determine its shape. Let’s do it all in this article, are you ready?
Oval face
The oval face type is considered perfect. In this case, there is nothing to correct even visually. In order to highlight the cheekbones a little and emphasize the correct proportions, you should choose a straight parting (the middle one).
Round face
For girls with round faces and chubby cheeks, side parting will be a great option. It will make the face slightly slimmer and visually give it the proportions of an oval. The most suitable hairstyle is loose hair, slightly covering the cheeks. This secret will also help you to make your face more sophisticated.
Oblong face
Such face is usually lengthened and pretty slim. The best way to correct this shape is to make bangs, as it will help you to visually make the forehead lower.
Side parting will look good on ladies with such face type. Middle parting will only look good on some voluminous hair stylings.
Heart-shaped face
A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide upper part and a narrow chin: the hairline on the forehead area resembles the shape of the upper part of the heart. A side parting will suit such face type perfectly.
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