Cut the split hair ends

It is impossible to restore the hair, no matter what the advertisement says. The split ends will continue to split if they are not cut, so the longer you do nothing, the worse your hair will be. 

Visit your hairdresser every 6–8 weeks

If you don’t have this opportunity, try cutting the ends yourself. If you have to cut your hair at home, it’s best to ask someone to do it for you, as frizzy hair requires special attention. 

Ask the hairdresser how much hair you should cut

It’s important if we’re talking about frizzy hair. If you do not want to lose your length, tell the hairdresser that you would not want to cut too much. Listen to the opinion of the master. Hairdressers know everything about hair and want their customers to look good.

Stop using the chemical treatment of the hair

Chemicals injure hair and make curly hair especially weak. In order to restore hair, do not dye it or straighten it using flat iron or hairdryer. It will not be easy, but even a short pause will help the hair recover faster. If you want your hair to look gorgeous, use our Bottox Expert. This series was designed especially for damaged hair in order to help it have rest from constant hot temperatures. 

Use a deep moisturizing conditioner

Moisten your hair so that it becomes soft again. If the hair is damaged, hydration is the most important thing you will need. You can buy hair conditioner or even make it yourself. 

Moisturize your hair with hot oil

You can buy the finished product at a cosmetics store or pharmacy, or you can use regular oils (such as coconut). 

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