How many times should straighten each strand with iron?

Straightening should be started from the back of the head, after dividing the hair into smaller strands. To make it more convenient, remaining strands should be clipped to the back of the head and then gradually get each one. Flat iron should move from the 1-1,5 inches from the roots to tips, at least not less than 7-10 times. 7 times for hair tips and 10 times for the rest of the hair strands. Tips are usually more damaged part of the hair follicle that is why it is important to treat it gently.

How to reduce odor and fumes during the keratin treatment procedure?

The procedure should be carried out in a ventilated. During the procedure, it is recommended to ventilate the room or to use an air conditioner. If during the keratin straightening process there a lot of smoke, it usually means that you have applied too much keratin. Keratin solution must be applied without excess, it should be very well distributed, use comb to apply evenly and remove excess solution.

If you have keratin dripping on the floor that means you have applied too much product. Another way to check: after applying keratin solution, twist hairs in a lock, if you see keratin smoothing treatment come out, that means you applied too much. Use the comb to remove excess. Having too much keratin on the hair creates unnecessary smoke and also use solution that could be applied at some other time or on another client.

When should I do a keratin treatment before or after coloring?

It is best advised to color/dye your hair before the Amazonliss keratin smoothing, because during the procedure you add and seal the keratin in the hair, you preserve and protect the pigment after coloring, so the color lasts longer. Dye your hair should be 2 days before the procedure, or if you really want to color afterward 2 weeks after the smoothing treatment. Keratin hair straightening improves the overall health of bleached/colored hair, it conditions them, seals the cuticle and protects the hair color. Amazonliss keratin smoothing prevents static electricity and adds incredible shine.

Does the keratin treatment change hair color?

When working with cold, gray and pearl shades of blonde is very important to follow two rules. Firstly, you need to make sure you have no keratin left on after the treatment. Secondly, before flat ironing, the hair should be thoroughly dried at 100%. Do not leave wet strands or tips. If you do not follow these rules, then the cold, gray or pearl shades of blonde during ironing will change its color to yellow or yellow-orange.

Be especially careful you have to be previously bleached, and then colored into a darker tone, hair. They can become much lighter. In other cases, no significant lightening.

Can keratin treatment close the split ends?

The answer is yes. Split ends can happen for a variety of reasons, long hair strands are especially prone to it due to lack of nutrition. Typically section exposed long hair, because they, for whatever reason, the power is lacking.

Can people who previously used relaxers apply keratin treatment on their hair?

Hair Relaxers usually contain harsh chemicals, such as ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide. Improper application of the relaxer can damage the hair strands and cause breakage. Keratin Treatments infuse the hair follicle with a protein called keratin, which is a similar compound to the one in the human hair. Keratin is a natural ingredient. In most cases, keratin can be applied 2 weeks after the Relaxer.

Can my clients wash and style hair after the procedure?

Having done the straightening procedure, it is allowed to wash and style the hair. It is recommended to avoid using shampoos and styling products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

How many times can I have Brazilian keratin treatment?

There are no limitations and you can have it as many times as you need. The interval between the two procedures has to be three months, though.

If I use more Brazilian keratin for each strand, will that produce better results?

It will not and you should apply the exact amount of keratin that is needed to cover the strand evenly.

Can I dry the hair with a hairdryer after applying Amazonliss and should I cover all of my hair with it?

It is best to proceed gradually. Apply keratin to one strand after another, then dry them.

Is it allowed for the keratin treatment solution to touch the skin of my head?

No, it is important to apply keratin carefully and avoid covering the roots.

But what if I do cover the roots with keratin?

If your skin is particularly sensitive, you may experience slight itching. You should apply an anti-frizz shampoo or any saline product to get rid of the feeling.

Do I need to check if I am allergic before applying keratin?

Absolutely. Apply a little bit of keratin on your hand, wait and see if this causes any allergic reactions.

Is Amazonliss a safe product?

Yes, of course. Numerous studies confirm that keratin products are absolutely safe. However, remember to check safety instructions carefully before starting the procedure. This is an important prerequisite towards healthy and comfortable experience.

Does Amazonliss produce a long-lasting effect?

Amazonliss delivers instant results which last for at least four months. You can reinforce the effect by switching to sulfate-free shampoos.

What is the optimal temperature for drying the hair once the treatment is applied?

Medium temperature works best of all so that the keratin will not evaporate. Do not put the hair dryer closer than seven centimeters to the hair.

What are some tricks I need to know before starting the procedure for my client?

Be careful not to touch the client’s face.

Do not apply the treatment in excess.

A fine-toothed comb is the best tool to apply the treatment. If you are applying too much keratin, you will instantly see the surplus on the comb and be able to remove it.

Follow safety requirements.

Is it possible to straighten hair extensions?

Yes, it is. For better results, hair stylists should separate extensions from the natural hair and straighten each strand before attaching it.

Should I want to straighten my hair again, do I need to follow all stages or can I skip certain steps?

No, straightening procedures must always be executed according to an established sequence. So if your hair stylist did not straighten the tips for some reason, you will have to repeat the entire procedure start to finish (it is important to wait at least four weeks before you can do that).

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