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Hair Straightening Brazilian Treatment 1 Step Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Brush 16.9 fl.oz keratin bottle only - Odor-Free - Formaldehyde-Free

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Brand: Amazonliss

The only hair care product you need to make your hair silky, vibrant and frizz-free. Protein Smoothing Treatment Amazonliss builds the alignment from the inside out! Enriched with thermo-hydrolyzed proteins, created for capillary supplementation, it is incorporated into the microleads of the wire, to provide the integral slick, with intense brightness, texture of extreme fluidity and totally disciplined.


An innovative, one-step keratin treatment

The best choice for professionals

What are the benefits?

No harmful fumes
No formaldehyde
Only 1 hour for application
Makes hair 
smooth & elastic
The new express service
for your salon
Shields your hair 
from heat damage

What are the ingredients?

Its high protein content and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids mean that the açai is great for your hair
Leads to better hair growth and gorgeous tresses, give the hair sheen
Shea Butter
Helps to increase shine and reduce the frizz of your hair

Patch/Predisposition Testing

How to use?

1. Please make sure that hair is clean and dry, without styling.
2. Dry the hair 100%. Apply the Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Brush throughout the hair. Leave it on for 40 min.
3. Rince 50% of the hair.
4. Blow dry the hair and divide it into four parts
5. Apply the flat iron for 8 to 10 times from roots to the middle of the strands, and from 4 to 6 times on the ends. The flat iron temperature should range between 200°C to 230°C (380°F to 430°F). Use low temperature for hair is more damaged
6. Optional step: If you feel that the hair is not clean enough (contains excess product), then use hair shampoo after the procedure, dry with a hairdryer and comb.

What are the results?