1 A yellowish shade often appears due to the fact that the bleaching agent is washed off too soon. Many women watch how the color changes, and seeing how the hair turn orange, so they start to panic and quickly wash it off. However, there is no reason for concern: orange is just one of the intermediate shades in the multi-stage process of transition from dark to colorless hair. Wait for the desired result!  Orange will turn yellow, and then colorless.

2 Strictly follow the instructions for use of the product, in particular, do not reduce or increase the time of its exposure. Do not leave the bleaching mixture on the hair for less than or more than the recommended time specified in the instructions.

3 If you are in a hurry, repeat the bleaching procedure using the same means to “get” the recommended exposure time. If you washed off the bleaching agent 10 minutes earlier, leave it exactly 10 minutes when reapplying.

4 If you followed all the recommendations, but your hair still has a yellowish shade, most likely the bleaching agent was too weak for the original color. Next time, be sure to find the original color on the package and compare it with your natural color. If you are not sure about the correct shade, consult with specialists. 

Even if there is a yellowish shade, don’t panic! Simply apply the purple shampoo first for 3-6 minutes, depending on the intensity of yellow shade and your desired result. Don’t forget to use our innovative Blonde Secret mask that will help you not only to acquire the desired color but to keep it fresh and shiny for long.

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