Contrasting types of hair dyeing generally always involve lightening at least a small amount of hair. However, even if you used the gentle technique for balayage, you need to know how to care for hair after balayage. Dyed hair is especially sensitive and can be easily broken. If the dyeing was done at home, be sure to visit the hairdresser and ask to cut the split ends. In the salons, at the end of the procedure, the master will surely do it himself. Haircare after balayage should be systematic, you must adhere to the following recommendations: You need to wash your hair with the right shampoo or conditioner. Be sure to use a balm or oil in order to make the hair combing easy.

Use special repair masks and serum for the ends of the hair.

Eliminate daily use of a hairdryer and flat iron, as well as products with strong fixation (hair sprays, gels).

Protect your hair from extreme temperatures - frost and the scorching sun will not do good to your hair, so you’d better wear hats and caps.

You can use salon methods of recovery, this includes mesotherapy of the hairy area, lamination, keratin straightening, and other procedures.

When choosing shampoo and care products after balayage, remember that the hair will now be drier and more brittle. It is better to choose a shampoo for damaged or dyed hair, try to pick up all the products of the same brand. As a result, you get truly comprehensive care.

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