It may sound strange but some women don’t even realize that they have unkempt hair! Of course, we know that there are different hair types with specific problems but here are 10 signs that will help you to understand that your hair isn’t in its best condition and you have to take some measures in order to improve the situation!

Signs Of Unkempt Hair

  1. Split ends. Split ends, especially if they are long always look horrible. Unfortunately, you can (and should!) only cut them off.
  2. Oily hair. If you face a problem of oily hair it means that you should change your hair care products. Consult a professional hairstylist.
  3. Dry hair. How about some moisturizing masks and fluids? Try them and see that they work magic!
  4. Tangled hair. That’s a common problem especially if you have long or curly hair. Try some special hair combs, just as Tangle Teezer.
  5. Yellow hair. A common problem of blondes. You have to not just use a special violet shampoo but reconsider your approach to hair dyeing.
  6. Outgrown hair roots. That’s easy: if dying your hair roots every month annoys you then try balayage or ombré!
  7. Porous hair. Such hair can look unkempt due to its structure. Consult a hairstylist for the right hair care products.
  8. Thin hair. If you noticed that your hair is thinning, consult a doctor! Only he can recommend you a professional treatment.
  9. Chemically burned hair. That’s a usual problem when it comes to bleached hair. Perhaps you should change your hairstylist.
  10. Dull hair. Dull hair is a result of both insufficient diet and wrong hair care.

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