The Online School

This online school was created for showing you how to do Keratin straightening with the Amazonliss line products and Botox for all hair types and for blondes usingNutree Professional products

What will you get after passing our classes?

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The skill of performing procedures correctly

Knowledge of all the nuances of how to prolong the effect on hair as long as possible

Learn about the mistakes that can happen during the procedures

You will get the perfect result on the client's hair

What's Next?

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I am a Corporate Customer

(your education was paid by company)

I am a Licensed Professional

1. Click on the "Go to Education" button below, enter your login and password for your Nutree Professional account

2. Look around on the page, select the online courses you are interested in

3. Watch all videos of the selected procedure:
Theory, Client Consultation and Practice

4. Take tests after the video to consolidate your knowledge