FAQ Center

What are your delivery times?

Dear Customers, we make every effort to fulfill your order within 2 business days of the date of your order. Business days are Monday to Friday, except holidays.

Basic delivery option requires 3-7 days within the US territory. (approx.)

And 5-20 days for an international order.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order and the delivery method. To find out how much your order will cost, simply add the items to purchase to your cart, and proceed to the checkout. Once at the checkout screen, shipping charges will be displayed.

What should I do if my parcel is damaged?

If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment or your order, please contact us help@nutreecosmetics.com

What are the wholesale shipping guidelines?

We can offer special wholesale options for salons or business clients!

Wholesale orders will be processed and dispatched within 3-7 business days.

Does the Nutree products contain formaldehyde?

No, there is no harmful chemicals inside the treatments.

How long after the procedure may i wash my hair?

You can wash your hair, settle it, use hair clips, form ponytails etc. Straight after after a straightening and restoration procedures. 

Do i need to use special care  like shampoos  after the procedure?

Yes, SLS-free care is preferred, you can find it at the aftercare tab at the website.

What is the difference between keratin and botox for hair in Nutree products?

Amazonliss Line is a strong keratin that straightens your hair for up to 4 months, it provides a strong straightening and hair restoration. Straightening is reached due to 4 types of hydrolyzed keratin (analogues have 1 type). The hair is fully enriched with keratin, and the product doesn’t include any harmful preservatives. It focuses on hair straightening (it straightens even African hair type).

Bottox Expert is a well-known hair Anti-Age restoration system, with deep moisturization and nutrition effects. Bottox for Blondes has a pigment: it removes yellow shade from hair or promotes a platinic shade. It recovers the most damaged hair! It focuses on hair treatment, but at the same time it has a straightening effect for up to 2 months. Usage up to 20 applications (33.8 fl. oz jar) what is pretty advantageous. It doesn’t need any specific shampoo or mask.