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Nutree Cosmetics is a United States subsidiary of Nutree Professional Brazil. Our mission is to revolutionize hair treatments. We offer beauty salon quality products for the restoration of keratin, and supply other hair care products at the best price. Nutree Professional is a 100% Brazilian company specializing in professional cosmetics, focused on helping women to have gorgeous hair.

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Get inside the world of hair science

Keratin is a protein that is an important part of our teeth, skin and hair. It is robust and versatile. Keratin is used to restore damaged or broken hair, keratin is vitally important for maintaining strong and healthy hair.

What is keratin and how it works

What is Hair Bondox


Customer Reviews

  • Bondox is an excellent way to treat your hair when you don't want to relax or put many chemicals in it. I would definitely recommend this product and be sure to follow the simple instructions. I'm in love!



  • The best for keratin treated hair. This is a great hydrating repair hair treatment. It is Super moisturizing & smoothing. I have fine wavy hair that gets frizzy and fried from heat styling. This Keratin hair mask is thick and rich feeling, easy to work thru my long hair and rinses clean. It leaves my hair smooth and silky and moisturized. It has a pleasant scent too. It really makes a difference and the effects last a long time.



  • I am very pleased with this product. My hair is very shiny, soft and manageble. This is what I exactly was looking for and I recommend this product to anyone looking for a deep condition

    Amber Torres


  • This shampoo and conditioner does not dry out my hair and makes it soft and manageable. NO high perfume smell, just clean hair. I really dislike strong smelling shampoos because it makes the other products smell funny. Mixing perfumes.



  • My hair has never been as distressed as it was prior to me using this Length extender Hair mask. This product has literally REVIVED my dry overly processed split end strands, and kickstarted the healthy hair process =) it has a very delightful smell and a nice thick creamy texture. This hair mask has been a dream come true and I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND

    Daria Sydes


  • I was truly impressed by how much I love it. I was hesitant about trying it scared that it was gonna do more damage than good. I have fine wavy curly grey hair. I was sick of putting my hair in a ponytail and hat. I bought this off a recommendation of a YouTuber Jennifer Joyce beauty . I’m so happy I did .. it was an easy process… my hair came out fabulous if I do say so myself it’s shiny silky and straight and almost no frizz that’s why I mainly ordered it.



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Ultimate Beauty Choice - Nicole Versen @nicole_versen

Hair Food Mask

Packed with essential #vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this superfood mask nourishes and revitalizes your hair from root to tip. It helps repair#damage, strengthens strands, and promotes healthy hair growth. 🌱💪

Your Hair's Best Friend in the Autumn Season!

Fall Hair Care Spa Tips

Embrace the Season with Keratin

Digging out your sweaters? it's also the time to prep your hair. Keratin lends manageability and eliminates frizz. Don't worry about moisture affecting your hairstyle – the keratin's impact endures for an impressive three months.

Bright Summer Emotions Even At Fall

Wishing for the return of summer? Look no further than the Hair Food Mask. The fruity aroma will remind you of sun-soaked days. The stunning results of nourished, smooth, and radiant hair will lift your spirits, no matter how overcast the day may be!

Fall in Love with Strong, Smooth Hair

Hydration, restoration, or nourishment? Hair demands each equally when the cold arrives. Compact ampoules store ultra-concentrated treatments that can be applied independently or combined effortlessly with your hair mask or conditioner.

Rebranding of our popular Hair Bottox Treatment

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