Nutree Professional company - is the leader in the sphere of professional straightening and treatment of hair

Nutree Professional

Our company is the supplier of products for professional hair care from Brazil. For then three years, we successfully advanced procedures of keratin straightening in the USA market.

Keratin straightening of Amazonliss Nutree Professional is one of the most popular and fashionable services for the beauty salon business. Salons come to us for innovation, and we bring top formulas with the newest ingredients and best results. We constantly innovate and never stop working on improving the product results.

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Brazilian Bottox Expert mask is recommended for the wholesalers, beauty stores and drugstores in the 'Hair Mask' category

Special Conditions For Shops For Professionals And To Wholesalers:

To specialized shops on the sale of goods for beauty shops and hairdressing salons and cosmetics shops and wholesalers, our company offers cosmetics at special wholesale prices.

You will be able to offer your buyers exclusive products of the Amazonliss Keratin lines.

Nutree Professional products unique in structure and action will satisfy the requirements of even the most extravagant buyers.

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