Our Story

The Nutree Professional brand was founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The business's originator was extremely impoverished and spent his entire youth living with his parents in Favellas. His only option to find a method to make a living was to train as a hairdresser. When he achieved popularity later, he built multiple beauty salons and developed products to help people with curly hair fight frizz.

Give beauty to your hair with Nutree products

He met Lance and Natalia, two us entrepreneurs , and they were responsible for launching the business in United states

Natalia, a hairstylist, has observed that American women are extremely busy and that, as a result, they value looking good and natural not just when they attend the salon. Not everyone can visit a beauty shop because they lack the time or the means.For many US women who live in humid climates or areas with hard water, the issue of frizzy hair and unmanageable curls is a source of frustration and a waste of time.

Thus, the concept to develop products that will combat frizz for a long time was created, benefiting both salon-going ladies and women who can take care of their hair at home on their own.

The Nutree brand expanded and gained the hearts of millions of customers by aiding women in finding solutions to this urgent issue since their products actually work and last a very long time.

By the end of 2022, the Brazilian Bondox Expert Thermal mask had established itself as the top hair frieze cleansing mask. And in many American beauty salons, the product's name has become a household term for the Botox hair care technique.

The Nutree brand launched an online school for salon owners and hair stylists in 2021

where they can study all the techniques for Textures services, hair botox abd keratin treatment, removing frizz and making hair straight and shiny.

Make high-quality items that actually perform and alleviate consumer problems if you want your business to succeed, we advise other companies.

People will undoubtedly pay attention to you if you truly create an original product that aids in the solution of a significant issue or helps save time.

Lessons learned from business:

It is crucial to rely on cutting-edge innovations and fashion trends in the modern world. This is true across all fields, but particularly in the fashion and cosmetics industries.

Our business is entirely online:

we don't even have a physical location. Our colleagues and I have been working from home for almost ten years, never going to the office.
We support freedom of speech, we don't recognize national boundaries, and we wish to support the success and beauty of women.