The spring is here, so leave your hat and warm scarf at home and prepare for the most trendy hair season ever! If you’re a brunette then we’ve got some amazing news: you’ll be a fashion star of this season! In this article, you’ll find 5 hottest hair dyeing options for spring 2021, keep on reading!
Before reading, remember that heat-damaged hair and dead hair ends will ruin any hair dyeing, so do a keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment in order to restore your hair!
The shatush dyeing technique allows you to create the effect of natural sun-burnt hair instead of a drastic contrast between dark and light colors. In terms of results, it is similar to ombre and Californian highlights. Shatush will suit brunettes with long hair as it will demonstrate the amazing color transitions in all their glory.
Light chestnut shade
This shade is less harsh than chestnut, but it will definitely accentuate your look and contrast of your appearance. Another advantage is its natural look and versatility.
Chocolate shade
Chocolate or coffee color looks just luxurious and suits almost everyone. However, don’t forget that it has several types of shades. The main selection criterion is your color type, so consult a colorist first.
The balayage technique is popular among owners of all hair shades, but it’s most suitable for brunettes. Individual strands are dyed chaotically. This option will look great on both short and long curls.
Dirty brunette
Dirty brunette is the main hair trend of 2021. It won’t lose its popularity in the future. This technique combines a neutral shade with a smoky effect. The combination of cold platinum, ash, and warm copper tone looks very stylish and effective.

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