Today women can’t imagine their lives without styling devices such as flat irons and hair stylers. However, the use of them is pretty harmful to your hair. Here are top 5 tips that will help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful even if you use stylers pretty often 

Great Tips To Keep Your Hair From Damage

1. The most important rule you need to remember is to never curl or straighten wet hair! Hot styling is possible only when your hair is 100% blow-dried. If you start styling your hair when it’s still a little bit wet, then water will literally boil inside it, this will lead to drying out and damage.

2. For a more long-lasting styling effect before using the hairdryer, use a mousse that is designed for high temperatures. It will help your hair to be protected from extreme heating. Moreover, the curl will be elastic, and the straightened hair will last longer than usual. 

3. Time is important - the hair should not be in contact with the styler more than 10 seconds. As soon as the hair becomes warm just gently unwind the hair strand, but never pull it.

4. Use the suitable temperature for your hair type according to the individual parameters of your hair. The thicker your hair is, the hotter the temperature you can use.

5. Pay special attention to the coating of the heating surface. For the safety of your hair coating should be made of ceramic or Teflon. Never use metal stylers!

Use keratin to Reduce Heat Damage from Flat Ironing your Hair. The results of just one keratin treatment last up to 4 months. True magic, isn’t it? 

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