Women who dye their hair at a hair salon know for sure that this procedure is pretty expensive. How can you keep your hair color as vivid as it was right after the professional hair dyeing? We have top - 5 useful tips for you!

Your Best Tips To Keep Your Vivid Hair Color Longer

  1. The hairstylist should use exclusively high-quality hair dyes
Ask your stylist to use a professional hair dye with a long-lasting care effect. Dyes with natural oils in the composition will help to literally “lock” moisture inside the hair and make it shining and healthy.
  1. Use dry shampoo for colored hair on days when you don’t wash your hair

In order to keep the color bright, and the hair fresh and clean, apply dry shampoo on it, standing with your head held down: spray dry shampoo at the roots in order to remove excess sebum and oil.

  1. Do not use hot water when washing your hair with shampoo
When shampooing, use warm water temperature or even a little bit cooler. Very hot water quickly washes away the hair dye and damages the hair, as it opens the hair cuticles.
  1. Do not use sulfate products.

Sulfates wash off hair dye, so buy a sulfate-free shampoo. Regular shampoos contain salts that dehydrate hair. Remember that moisture loss is one of the main reasons of color fading.

  1. Wash your hair with the conditioner instead of shampoo

If possible, use only a moisturizing conditioner, as it is less likely to wash off the hair dye than shampoo. Besides, co-washing helps to keep your hair moistured and manageable.

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