Hair brittleness is one of the most popular hair problems that gets worse in autumn. Cold air, strong wind, drastic temperature drops can make your hair less elastic and soft. How can you improve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible, restoring the strength and elasticity of your natural hair this autumn? Keep on reading and find everything out!

Check out the following tips: 

Review your diet: add more cereals, bread, fish, and dairy products.

 - Protect your hair from wind and rain, wear hats and scarves. 

  - Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day.

  - Stop using hair dryers and stylers. It’s not recommended to dye your hair as well.

  - Do a head massage. This is not only pleasant but also beneficial for the scalp vessels.

 - Ask your hairstylist to recommend you the best products for silky hair.

  - Brush your hair with a soft brush to avoid damaging brittle curls.

 - Use nourishing shampoo and conditioner, as nourishment is what your hair needs in autumn.

Besides, try a comprehensive hair treatment which is Unique Step protein straightening. This one-step keratin treatment will provide the ultimate beauty of your hair in autumn! You don’t need anti-residue shampoo and flat iron in order to revive your brittle locks! Besides, the whole protein straightening treatment became as comfortable as possible - you won’t inhale poisonous formaldehyde fumes anymore.

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