Even the best hair care treatments such as keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment will barely do your hair any good if every day you use the wrong hair comb which can eventually become the cause of hair damage! How should you choose your hair comb correctly? Check out this article and find it out!
Learn how to differentiate between different hair combs and brushes. A mixed bristle oval hair comb is perfect for scalp massage as well as for different products’ distribution, round brush with synthetic bristles is a special brush for curly hair. Fishbone hairbrush is a specially designed brush for hair sectioning. Teasing hairbrush is designed for backcombing and fluffing hair roots before applying hair dye. A cushion hairbrush with nylon bristles is the most essential brush ever, as it’s suitable for daily use, especially if you have long hair.
We recommend using the right hair comb together with Nutree Amazonliss Unique Step in order for your hair to be super healthy! Unique Step is a brand new keratin hair treatment, providing the ultimate beauty of your hair! You don’t need anti-residue shampoo this time, can you imagine this? Besides, the whole procedure became as comfortable as possible - you won’t inhale poisonous formaldehyde fumes anymore! Along with all the above-mentioned bonuses of the Unique Step, the amazing smoothing effect will last up to 3 months.

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