Nutree Cosmetics - Nov 23, 2022

Best hairstyles for curly tough hair

Ladies who have curly hair often mistakenly think that they only have a few hairstyles that will look good on them. In this article, we decided to dispel this myth, offering you 3 super trendy hairstyle options!

Nutree Amazonliss

  • Low buns. A win-win option even if you have 4C type of locks. The secret is to use hair gel and a fish bone comb to achieve the effect of smoothness! However, this hairstyle will be great even if you have straightened your hair with Amazonliss! This keratin straightening procedure provides perfect smoothness and hair shine for up to 4 months! 
  • Mid-high ponytail. Have you noticed how many rap and hip-hop superstars just LOVE this hairstyle? Cardi B, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, should we even say more? As in the previous case, use hair gel and a fish bone comb for the best result!
  • Hair claw. Such a hair clip will allow you to experiment with your hair, keeping it nice and neat at the same time! You can either place the hair claw higher or lower to achieve the desired effect. Simple yet chic!

Let yourself be romantic and feminine with these low buns!

Sleek & curly mid-high ponytail is the best choice for ladies who love attention

This super easy hairstyle will save your time while looking chic!