Nutree Cosmetics - Nov 18 2022

Black Friday: what can you buy at Nutree with a discount?

Hey, hey, hey! Are there even people who don’t love discounts? Black Friday is a great opportunity to profitably buy your beauty faves at a reduced price! Which Nutree products can you get with a GREAT discount? Let’s find it out here!

Take your chance, use BLACK promo code and enjoy 25% discount on our products! We’re sure that it was worth the wait!

Here are some of our best-selling products that you can get:
 - Brown Bottox Expert which was exclusively created for our amazing brunettes!

 - Red Bottox Expert which is a perfect solution for red and ginger hair. - Blonde Bottox Expert for the platinum shade of your locks.

 - Classic Bottox Expert suitable for all hair types and colors.

 - Length Extender Mask which will allow you to grow your locks 4 inches longer in just 3 months.

 - Amazonliss Vegan Care keratin which is phthalate/cruelty-free and 100% vegan treatment.

 - Vegan Care Mask that provides highly moisturizing action, making the locks shiny and healthy.

- Vegan Home Care (shampoo + conditioner). These products provide gentle scalp cleansing and restore locks without damage to nature.

- Amazonliss keratin which is the ultimate bestseller of all times! - Unique Step keratin which is a one-step treatment: you won’t need an anti-residue shampoo or a flat iron in order to revive your brittle locks.

 - Tanino keratin treatment which will be perfect even for pregnant women!

Amazonliss + Tanino

Omg, can you see this list? What are you waiting for? Make an order and enjoy your beautiful hair this winter!