We don’t know a lady who wouldn’t want to have really long and strong hair at least for a single day! Hair extensions are super popular nowadays, however, not all women are ready to spend much money on such a service and literally wear the hair of some stranger. Now you shouldn’t do this, as it’s really possible to grow your own hair up to 3 inches in 2 months! 

On average, hair grows by 0.03 - 0.045 mm a day, and by 1-2 cm a month. However, it’s only if you don’t use our Length Extender Hair Mask! This treatment with Filler Complex and Burdock Oil can help you achieve much longer and healthier-looking hair. 

What’s the secret? This mask provides its effects both on your hair scalp, literally awakening “sleeping” hair follicles, and on your hair improving the texture and manageability of strands by rejuvenating dry, weak, and damaged locks. We have developed a unique cruelty/formaldehyde/paraben-free formula for the safest hair growth ever! You only have to wait for 15 minutes in order for mask to work its magic!

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