Many ladies believe that keratin and botox hair procedures are suitable only for ladies with long hair, however, it’s not like that at all! If you have short hair, a Brazilian blowout will be a perfect procedure for you as well! Check out this article and find out all peculiarities of this treatment on short hair!
The nicest thing is that you’ll need much less product for each procedure, thus, you’ll save money! Practice shows that it’s much easier for ladies with short hair to apply hair straightening products at home, so it’s more likely that your result will be just awesome!
Let’s review the application process on the example of our Nutree Bottox Expert. This is one of the best haircare botox products on the market. This complex is successfully used in more than 50 countries, as many women across the globe choose Bottox Expert as their number one hair care product!
Don’t worry, as the application scheme is super easy!
1. Wash the hair with any anti-residue shampoo with pH 9 or more.
2. Fully dry your hair.
3. Divide your hair into 6 parts and apply the product to all of them.
4. Leave the product on your hair for 30-40 minutes.
5. Rinse your hair and wash off some of the product still leaving some of it on your strands.
6. Blow-dry your, use a round brush.
7. Divide your hair into several sections again. Use a hair straightener 10-15 times on each strand.
8. That’s it! Now your hair will look just amazing for about 8 weeks. Don’t forget to timely repeat the procedure.

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