This may sound strange but some ladies don’t see the difference between using a shampoo and a shower gel for hair wash. However, such ignorance can become crucial to your hair! Can you use shower gel instead of shampoo? Find out the answer in this article!
If you wash your hair with a shower gel just once as an exception, it's okay, however, we still recommend using appropriate hair care products. It’s best to give preference to professional cosmetics. Is it possible to wash your hair with shower gel regularly? Of course not! There are several reasons why it’s better not to use shower gel for hair daily: first of all, the condition of your hair will worsen. With frequent use of shower gel, the strands will become oily faster. Because of the shower gel, the sebaceous glands will produce more hair oil, this can become a cause of dandruff and hair loss.
In order for your hair to be always healthy, we recommend not just using the appropriate shampoo but also the brand new Amazonliss Pro Keratin Conditioning Gel - Professional Moisturizing Gel Keratin.
The gel formula is a brand new formula of keratin developed exclusively by Nutree. It provides 10 times more hydration! The gel keratin was developed with Balsamic Blend Poli-Hidroxi-Acids source, in special Gluconolactona, with high content of organic acids, natural antioxidants with intense retexturizing action from capillary fiber rebalancing the pH and sealing the hair cuticles.

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