Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 13 2022

Christmas star: have you already picked your hairstyle?

Hey, hey, hey! The Christmas is right around the corner, are you ready to celebrate this magical holiday looking like the brightest star ever? Of course, in order to do it, you’ll need an amazing hairstyle. Check out our today’s article and get inspired!

  • Glitter ponytail. If you prefer glamorous hairstyles and your Christmas look will be glitzy, we recommend trying the glitter ponytail. It’s very simple: make a low ponytail and apply gel glitter on it with a thin painting brush. Choose a glitter color that will match your gown! 
  • Snowflake spray tattoo. A perfect option for bold women (and even men!) who have short hair. Make a paper snowflake stencil, put it on your hair, and apply the colored hairspray all over the stencil. Voila!
  • Christmas wreath. The boldest option! You will need two hairsprays in different colors. Separate your hair into two equal parts. Cover one part with a disposable towel. Take one of the hairsprays and spray it over one part of the hair, let it dry. Then cover the colored part and spray another one with a hairspray of another color. Let it dry too. Fix a Christmas wreath with bobby pins.

No hairstyle will look great if the hair isn’t healthy. That’s why we recommend you try Amazonliss Tanino! It’s a 100% formaldehyde-free treatment that will make your hair silky (even heat-damaged hair!). Besides, forget about poisoning fumes and nasty smells: just enjoy your nice procedure at its fullest! Amazonliss Tanino isn’t allergic and won’t cause any irritation or make your eyes water. The effect of taninoplasty lasts up to 3 months.