Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 04 2022

Coarse hair: essential tips 

Coarse hair is one of the most common yet unruly hair types ever. The hair is naughty and it can hardly be styled in any way. Besides, nowadays we use blow dryers and stylers almost every day, apart from aggressive hair dyes, hair sprays, and frost in winter. How can you tame your coarse locks and make them smooth again? Let’s find it out together in this article!

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is essential for coarse hair care. Frequent hair washes will negatively affect any type of hair and can become a real disaster for coarse hair. In order to avoid this, we recommend you washing your hair once every three days using a proper shampoo.

Nutree Amazonliss Vegan Care

Find a shampoo that washes off well and contains moisturizing ingredients such as wheat germ oil, shea butter, coconut oil. Oils help to retain moisture by enveloping the hair surface and protecting it from drying out. Avoid using volumizing shampoos. Wash your hair with warm or even cool water in order for hair cuticles not to open, it makes hair really rough.

Besides, we recommend trying Nutree Vegan Care product line which can easily transform even the coarsest hair making it smooth and straight! Vegan keratin by Nutree a brand new cruelty-free vegan product for shiny, straight, and healthy hair. Vegan Care was created with the use of GO GREEN technology. It’s totally eco - friendly and absolutely safe for your hair physiology and hair scalp! Among the ingredients are the blend of sealant resins and lactic acid. Such a treatment perfectly copes even with naughty Latina hair providing long-lasting results!