Nutree Cosmetics - Feb 08, 2023

Diamonds in your locks - that’s easy with Bottox Expert for Red Hair!

Red and ginger hair always has that WOW effect! It doesn’t matter if it’s your natural hair shade or dyed - it looks stunning in any case! However, we know that red hair is the most vulnerable, besides such locks lose their color vividness very fast…

Is there a way to restore your heat damaged hair and intensify its color without chemical hair dyes? Say no to dead hair ends as Bottox Expert for Red Hair comes to rescue!

Tap water, bad ecology, fast life, and bad habits — those are the enemies of bright red hair color. Many women regularly dye their locks to prolong hair color vividness, but we have another solution!

Nutree Bottox expert

Featuring Almond Oil and Marine Collagen, Bottox Hair mask for red and ginger hair quickly penetrates each thin hair providing the strongest restoration on every layer. What’s more, such red color depositing mask doesn’t dye your hair - it works from the inside and preserves the bright shade of your hair for long!

Now redheads have a perfect product that will make their hair color amazing without any damage! The results are long-lasting, for up to 8 weeks!