Our hair reacts to changes in ambient temperature pretty fast. When it’s hot outside, the hair suffers from high temperatures and the aggressive action of ultraviolet rays: burn out, split at the tips, become dry, weak, brittle, lose brightness. Ladies often complain about the increased greasiness of their hair. Is there a solution to this situation? Yes! Check it out in this article!
How about the lightest yet super effective Amazonliss Unique Step keratin hair treatment? In order to carry out the fast (1-1,5 h) procedure you won’t even need anti - residue shampoo! Besides, the whole procedure is as comfortable as possible - you won’t inhale poisonous formaldehyde fumes anymore! Along with all the above - mentioned bonuses of the Unique Step, the amazing smoothing effect will last up to 3 months. What else does a lady need for a perfect summer hair? 
Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Brush Set includes One Step Keratin Treatment 2.02 fl.oz (60 ml), After Care Anti Frizz Shampoo 2.02 fl.oz (60 ml) and After Care Anti Frizz Conditioner 2.02 fl.oz (60 ml).
Among the key ingredients are acai, cacao and shea butter. Together they enrich your hair with proteins, provide better hair growth, making your locks shiny and frizz-free! The unique system is enriched with thermo-hydrolyzed proteins, created for capillary supplementation. As a result, you get obedient, smooth and super healthy hair from the first use! 

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