There are hundreds of thousands of hair botox and keratin straightening fans in the world, yet some women are afraid of trying these procedures because they are not sure if such treatments are suitable for their hair type. Let us reassure you: you have nothing to worry about! Keep on reading this article in which we will tell all truth!
A hair type is a thing that is predetermined by nature and can slightly be changed only by your lifestyle. It’s impossible to affect the quantity of sebum produced, for example. Remember that hair botox and keratin straightening act on your hair without interfering with the work of hair follicles. There is simply no shampoo, mask, or even a professional hair procedure that can negatively affect your hair type!
Both hair botox and keratin treatments are suitable for all hair types. However, be sure to use only high-quality non-formaldehyde products. We recommend you trying Amazonliss keratin straightening. Amazonliss is rich with natural ingredients, among which there are the following precious natural ingredients:
- Cacao, Acai, Rice, Soya, Corn, and Wheat extracts
If you prefer hair botox, then Nutree Brazilian Bottox Expert will be a perfect choice for you. It provides perfect smoothing and mirror shine for your hair. The formula is enriched with:
- Marine collagen
- Almond oil
- Glutamic acid

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