Porous hair is one of the nastiest hair types ever: the strands often look bad and dry, they are messy and lifeless. Dead hair ends are your worst companions ever as well. 

First of all, what hair porosity is? Hair porosity is the ability of the hair to retain moisture. Hair porosity affects how your hair responds to products and styles.

The curlier your hair is, the more porous hair you have. There are 4 types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Let’s look at the last two types as they tend to be the most unmanageable ones. 


Type 3. Curly hair

Your strand has a visible ‘S’ twist.

Type 3A: thin and loose.

Type 3B: moderately curly hair that is shaped in ringlets or spirals.

Type 3C: tight corkscrews


Type 4. Kinky hair

Kinky hair is characterized by tight curls. 

Type 4A: Reminds much of curly hair (Type 3).

Type 4B: The hair curls up unpredictably, it often sticks out in different angles.

Type 4C: this type is like 4B but a little bit more fragile and zig-zag-like.

Before fighting hair porosity, find out your curl type. There is another simple test: take a strand of your hair and put it in a cup of water; if your hair sinks to the bottom, it's highly porous. If your hair is afloat, it's low porosity, and if your hair just rests in the middle, it's normal. 

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