You don't need anyone to tell you about the importance of sunscreen, right? Without this product, you can get sunburn, accelerated aging and even skin cancer. However there's another area that needs UV-protection: your hair and scalp. Daily use of sunscreen for hair is also necessary, as well as for the skin.

How can you protect your hair from UV-rays? We have several tips:

 - Wear a hat that will 100% protect both the hair and the scalp. If we’re talking about a wide-brimmed hat, then it will protect even your face from UV rays. However, if you don’t want to constantly wear the hat, then use leave-in sunscreen for hair.

 - Many high-quality styling products, such as sprays, oils and conditioners already contain SPF. However, this is not enough, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Shampoos and conditioners with UV protection only help to protect the curls a little, but after washing off, there will be too little product on the surface of the hair so that it can block the UV rays.

 - Try complex haircare treatments such as Nutree Unique Step. Amazonliss Unique Step Protein Smoothing Treatment smoothes hair from the inside out

The composition of Amazonliss protein smoothing brush was developed using advanced nanotechnology that is enriched with microparticles of thermo-hydrolyzed protein, which penetrate the structure of the hair and contribute to the instant restoration and straightening of hair in just one application. Easy one-step keratin treatment - what can be better for your hair this summer?

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