Ladies who have already tried keratin hair treatment know how important it is to timely repeat the procedure in order for hair to stay straight and silky as long as possible. However, what does “timely” mean? How often should you repeat keratin straightening in order not to oversaturate your locks? Let’s find everything out together in this article! 


How long does keratin treatment last? 

On average, classic keratin treatment lasts for about 4-5 months. The most important thing to know about the duration of keratin straightening is the cumulative effect. You probably know that if you perform keratin treatment for the first time, the result may last not as long as you planned. It’s perfectly fine, as you apply the composition onto your “virgin” hair, so the first treatment will be a certain base for all the following procedures. Each new treatment prolongs the amazing result, so if you repeat the procedure timely, you can flaunt luxurious hair up to 7-8 months! 


When is the right time to repeat the treatment?

After you performed keratin straightening, count down 3 months. During this period, the composition will slightly wash off from the hair and your locks will slowly begin to return to their previous state. During this period it’s important to re-straighten your hair until the composition is completely washed away.

The essence of the cumulative effect is as follows: until the composition from the first procedure is fully washed off from your hair, you perform the treatment again, securely fixing the straightening result and prolonging it. It’s important for a good result, so that the hair remains straight and healthy for as long as possible.


What affects the duration of keratin treatment?  

The duration of the keratin effect also depends on another important factor which is home care. With the right haircare products, it will be possible to prolong the obtained effect for several more months. As a rule, home care after keratin straightening and restoration procedure includes a sulfate–free shampoo and conditioner.


Synthetic components of modern mass-market shampoos can damage your hair and directly affect the duration of keratin treatment. Sodium sulfate is particularly harmful. This ingredient lifts up hair cuticles and washes out keratin and other therapeutic components from the structure of the strands. Thus, only product line with the appropriate “sulfate-free” label will be great for use after the keratin procedure. A gentle cleansing effect is combined with a proper care that won’t damage keratin layer. 


By the way, we should mention some other factors that can damage keratin layer. There are several things that can contribute to this, in particular the sun, salt and chlorinated water. These factors dry hair and make it brittle, so you’d better avoid contacting them and protect your locks with the hat and SPF. 

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