Younger clients are the exact audience that you need in order to increase your salon's popularity and social media awareness! That’s very simple: teenagers often tag places they like on Instagram, for example, giving your salon an additional promotion. Even if you already have your client base, some teenagers never hurt anybody. How to attract them in a right way? Keep on reading and find it out!

Tips to attract young audience to your salon

  1. Use special offers and discounts! Offer bonuses to the younger clients that you would like to attract. It can be a nice discount on services in which they are interested, for example, a nice 10-15% discount on balayage or ombré, which are the hottest hair coloring trends among teenagers. As we know, millennials are the first ones to follow trends!
  2. Check out your social media accounts. Make sure they look attractive and smart, which is very important for teenagers! If your accounts are catchy, that’s half the battle!
  3. Teach your clients and entertain them. Make some regular posts on your Instagram dedicated to the right hair care and special products that will help your clients to maintain the salon result at home.
  4. Create a nice customer experience. We live in a world where extra isn’t extra anymore. Teenagers are interested in what you can offer except for standard hair care services. You can organize a cozy lounge zone with soft couches where your clients will have an opportunity to relax, have a drink, or enjoy PlayStation.
  5. Ask them to show love. That’s the easiest: encourage your clients to share their salon pictures on social media!

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