Let's discuss how to avoid the static effect on hair:

Remember, when working with hair of different lengths, especially with layered or cascade haircuts, and in the presence of split and broken ends, you should follow certain rules:

  • Properly prepare the hair, using underlays if necessary;
  • Choose the composition depending on the hair type and the extent of damage;
  • Use the correct temperature regime;
  • Apply a sufficient amount of the product, paying special attention to the ends;
  • Correctly polish each strand, maintaining sufficient tension.

Also, pay close attention to the temperature regime:

It's crucial to correctly choose the temperature and the number of times each strand is pulled through for each specific client, taking into account the extent of their hair damage, the chosen product, and the curl strength.

If static appears on the hair or it begins to curl, the straightener's temperature should be lowered.

When working with hair that has a non-uniform degree of damage from roots to ends, use two straighteners with different temperatures for each specific section. For example: a higher temperature at the roots and through the mid-lengths, and a lower temperature at the ends of the strands

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