Cutting curly hair can be a real problem as not every hairstylist knows how to cut such locks to get the perfect result. Check out this article and find out the best tips on how to get a curly haircut of your dream.


 1. Talk to your hairstylist. Of course, you don’t have to become best friends forever, however, you should make sure that this person definitely knows what to do with curly locks and knows how to perform cutting for curly hair at his fingertips. Asking them to show you some of their previously done works is also a good idea! 


 2. Make sure that your hairstylist uses the right tools to cut your curls.

 - high-quality sharpened hairdressing scissors for cutting hair

 - comb with sparse teeth, which allows to separate the hair and prepare it for work

 -  hairdressing clips for working with particular strands

 - spray bottle with water. The use of water when cutting curly hair is very different from other haircuts, we'll talk about this in detail right below.


 3. Don’t use too much water or wash your hair before the cut

An approach to cutting curly hair "like all the other hair types" in terms of using water can lead to horrible consequences. The fact is that straight hair is often more convenient to cut in a wet state. However, curly hair in wet and dry condition can vary greatly in length. A spray bottle with water when cutting curly hair is used only at the combing stage. A small amount of water makes it easier and safer to comb tangled curly hair. 


 4. Make layers

Cutting curly hair will be easier if you make layers. Layers help to shape your curly locks. Long layers usually look good when the shortest layer is located at chin level, and all other layers are longer. However, you can also make a very short layer. The length of this layer should be at least 5 centimeters from the scalp. It’s important to give the hair a shape that will match the shape of your head. Hairstylists recommend making short layers with a minimum length of the top layer of 5 — 7.5 centimeters. Your hairstylist will need to determine what is best according to your personal type of curls.


 5. Make sure that you use suitable aftercare products

Even the best haircut will look bad on your curly hair if you forget about the post-cut haircare. Only nourished and moisturized curly locks are a guarantee of a good haircut. Therefore, use shampoos with natural ingredients, preferably without sulfates, which can make hair dry and unruly. Don’t forget to massage the scalp during washing as it will improve blood flow, and hair will grow faster. After shampoo, use conditioner with natural ingredients — apply the product to the curls, combing and smoothing the hair with your fingers (or at least with a comb if the hair is very tangled).

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