Do you know that apart from all hair care procedures the way you dry your hair plays an important role in the overall state of your hair? Check out our article in order to find out how to dry your hair properly!
Rule #1: Gently Wet Your Hair With a Towel
The first thing you need to do is remove excess moisture from your hair. Because of it, the cuticle (the protective sheath of the hair, consisting of transparent keratin scales) swells, which leads to increased hair brittleness and increases the risk of split ends. Therefore, the shorter the contact with water, the better.
Rule #2: Don't Give Up Using a Hairdryer
It may seem strange, but using a hairdryer is a better decision in terms of hair health than letting your strands dry on their own. The reason is mentioned above: the longer the hair contacts with moisture, the worse the cuticle feels, thus, the faster your hair becomes dry, the better.
Rule #3: Use Thermal Protectors
Thermal protectors are applied on towel-dried hair. These sprays, foams, or lotions perform several functions at once. Firstly, they lock in moisture inside the hair where it is needed. Secondly, they envelop each hair, reducing the risk of overdrying or overheating it.
Rule #4: Dry Your Hair in a Cool Air Mode
Hot air has an undeniable advantage: it quickly evaporates excess moisture. However, hair dried in this way becomes overdried, but it perfectly keeps the shape that was given to it. Therefore, using a hot hairdryer is a good idea if you‘re going to style your hair in a particular way.
However, high temperatures also have an obvious disadvantage: hot air evaporates not only excessive moisture but also necessary moisture, which leads to hair damage. Besides, if the moisture quickly evaporates, it lifts the cuticle scales, which means that the hair becomes more brittle and less shiny. That’s why hairstylists recommend using a hairdryer in a cool mode whenever possible.

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