Many people complain about their hair condition in winter. When temperatures are low, hair may look dull and unhealthy. To avoid this problem, follow the next steps:

1. Do not wash your hair too often
Every time you wash your hair, your scalp loses sebum, the natural oil produced for nourishment and protection. That’s why it’s recommended to wash hair 1-2 times per week. You should also make sure that your hair products do not contain any drying components like alcohol or sulfate.

2. Natural hair products

When choosing a hair product, pay attention to its contents. The more natural it is, the better. It’s advised to use shampoos with argan, avocado, coconut or almond oil. These oils are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are so important for hair. After using such a product, you may notice extra shine. It’s also recommended to use hair conditioners or masks while taking a shower. The heat and steam will stimulate blood circulation and consequently the product action.

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