Shiny hair always looks luxurious making you feel super beautiful and confident. Luckily, nowadays not only wealthy celebrities can afford to have luxurious silky hair - there are just several tips that you should consider to make your hair look its best!
1. Try hair smoothing and straightening treatment. The first one is a keratin hair treatment that will make your natural hair smooth and shiny! The second procedure is a botox hair treatment that will help to revive even heat-damaged hair.
2. Never use any heat devices without a proper thermal protection product. Besides, try not to overuse heat devices - 1 time per month will be enough.
3. Consult your hairstylist in order for him to recommend you nice shampoo and conditioner. The best option will be a keratin set. Besides, don’t forget to change your haircare routine every season.
4. Use Amazonliss Magicliss Spray. This is the best product for smooth hair with an anti-frizz effect which may be your game changer! This product is a perfect choice for unruly, curly, and dry hair. It makes your hair super smooth from the first use! Besides, Magicliss makes your hair soft and shiny.
5. Review your diet. Add more protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). You can also visit a doctor in order for him to help you choose the proper vitamin complex.

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