Redheads, summer is your ultimate season to shine! However, as blazing sun, salty water and dry hot wind do their job, you may realize that your flaming locks became dry and dull. That’s no problem! Nutree has a perfect solution that won’t just restore your hair color vividness but revive your hair in general!

You have probably guessed than we mean our Bottox Expert Hair Mask for Red and Ginger hair. You won’t need to use chemical hair dyes in order to maintain juicy hair color and perfect state of your locks anymore. Featuring Almond Oil and Marine Collagen, this mask quickly penetrates each thin hair providing the strongest restoration on every layer. Bottox Expert will be a perfect treatment for ladies who have dry and damaged hair!

Of course, this mask doesn’t chemically dye your hair in any way. The thing is that it works from the inside. Bottox Expert Hair Mask doesn’t weigh your locks down or make them greasy and is suitable for all hair types. As a result, you will receive light and soft hair that literally shines like millions of diamonds in the summer sun! The result will last up to 2 months. 

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