Tangled locks are always a signal that your hair suffers from a lack of hydration and nutrition. This usually happens due to hair damage or improper hair care. How can you prevent your hair from tangling and what are the reasons for hair tangling? Keep on reading and find it all out!
The main reasons why hair gets tangled after washing are the following:
- lack of vitamins;
- aggressive hair bleaching or dying;
- frequent use of hair curlers, flat iron, or hairdryer;
- excess static electricity due to improper hair care;
- drastic temperature changes;
- stress and some diseases;
- too coarse or too curly hair.
There is no single recipe that will make your hair silky for good. In order for your hair to stop tangling, you should review your diet, check your health status and provide additional hair care including botox hair treatment and home keratin treatment without formaldehyde.
If dry tangled strands regularly bother you, you can solve the problem in the following ways:
- A haircut. In most cases, the ends of the hair are tangled, so it’s better to cut them.
- High-quality hair care products. Use professional or pharmacy products based on natural oils and plant extracts.
- Hair conditioner. Use it after each wash to make your hair easier to comb and avoid static electricity.
- Nourishing masks. Apply revitalizing masks every 3-5 days.

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