Hello dear Nutree bottox expert lovers, today we are going to discuss a very popular and important topic about bottox after-care maintenance after the full process was already completed. No matter where you have done it, salon or at home, we need to follow some basic rules to prolong the treatment effect.

Please, check these tips for further information:

• Porous damaged and lightened hair hold the Botox treatment less than slightly porous and enlightened hair;

• The maximum lasting period could be up to 36 weeks for virgin non-colored hair with the additional usage of sulfate and paraben-free after care;

• Please, draw your attention to additional factors, such as the impact of sunlight, chlorine contents of water or sauna attendance;

• The lasting effect could be reduced after the impact of all of these factors.

• Our technologists highly recommend using any silicone-free aftercare products; most of the styling products do not generally influence your hair condition;

• Our leading technologist manager recommends using multi-functional styling and heat-protective treatment Amazonliss Magicliss spray for ease of daily hair care routine;

• We highly recommend doing the toning or hair coloring with the demi-permanent hair color after the bottox application procedure;

• It is highly recommended to choose organic hair color with natural ingredients, as the aggressive coloring process may also affect the Botox effect duration;

• The supplier recommends putting 12-24 weeks guaranteed treatment lasting period if the client observes provided instructions for normal hair types,

24 weeks for bleached and porous hair, 8-12 weeks for hair extensions, and less than 8 weeks for people who live in a humid climate.

• Generally, the treatment has a cumulative effect, so your hair condition would be rapidly improved with every new procedure, it would last long after a couple of procedures;

• We can also make a break for 3 months after the 1-year treatment application period.

How to do your basic hair care routine: please, wash your hair with the usage of hair shampoo and conditioner, hair conditioning is a mandatory process. We could also advise you to apply heat protection sprays and oils to increase hair gloss and shine, we also recommend avoiding using any additional nutritional treatments and masks for your hair as they could cause product overload.

Please, follow these rules to receive the best results, that is guaranteed by Nutree cosmetics supplier, we wish you to have healthy and fully restored hair with the help of Nutree products!

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