How to prepare a profile for promotion on Instagram, what content should be published and how? How to choose the right promotion method? Check out this article and find it out!
Instagram is the perfect platform for promoting a beauty salon. The main pool of users on this social network is women from 15 to 50 years old, this is the target audience of the beauty business. Such women love beautiful photos and videos and are willing to spend money on what they like, including luxurious hair procedures like keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment.
However, the competition on Instagram is great: federal salon networks with enormous budgets have business pages, as well as any stylist who works at home in a small town. Despite the difference between them, all of them fight for the client's attention and money.
For customers to start to follow your salon on Instagram and become actively engaged, you will have to outdo all competitors. We will tell you how to do it in today’s article!
Before making some posts or stories, you need to understand what the next step will be. This is what a promotion strategy is for. Without it, the account will lack the integrity and consistency that attracts customers.
There are three main strategies for promoting beauty salons on Instagram:
- promotion through the personal brand of the salon’s head;
- promotion through your brand;
- development of a network of linked accounts.
You can either choose one strategy or combine them.
Promotion of a beauty salon through the personal brand of the salon’s head
This is the simplest strategy: communication with subscribers is carried out on behalf of the owner of the beauty salon. Alternatively, it can do a manager, an administrator, or a co-founder of the salon. This person should be photogenic and also allow to post his pictures in the profile.
Promotion through your salon brand
If you have been on the market for a long time, and the name of the salon is pretty popular, then the most effective strategy will be promotion through the brand.
Promotion of a network of linked accounts
This option is suitable for diversified salons in megalopolises: you create an individual page for each of the main services

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