Not only the skin suffers in winter, but the hair as well. Brittleness, split ends, hair electrify caused by warm clothes... Besides, during this time of year, the scalp becomes dry and quite often dandruff appears. Another problem is that hair falls out more profusely. However, you can cope with all this if you pay a little more attention to hair protection from temperature extremes!
The static effect appears not only because we start wearing wool sweaters and warm hats. It is also associated with excessive hair dryness. If your hair is highly electrified, then it needs moisturizing. Use mild shampoos and conditioners with moisturizers (glycerin, lanolin, panthenol, natural extracts of aloe, coconut, argan, etc.). You also need to do hair masks more often: 2 times a week will be enough. Protective thermal oils will help keep moisture inside your hair. Leave-in sprays with UV protection will also come in handy since the sunrays can evaporate moisture from your hair. By the way, the heating devices do the same so be careful while using them.
Less styling
Needless to say, styling with hot tools (hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners) can severely damage the health and appearance of your curls. It has been proven that at temperatures above 180 degrees Celsius, keratin, which is the building hair material, is destroyed. Therefore, in winter, it is better not to use stylers the temperature of which you can’t regulate.
Climate control
In order to minimize the adverse effects of dry air in heated rooms, wind, and temperature changes, it is worth using moisturizing leave-in hair sprays. Thermal water can also prevent drying out and hair loss in winter. It should be sprayed all over your hair several times a day. This will help you to keep the good quality of the hair, protect it from dryness and brittleness during sudden temperature changes.

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