We know that many ladies adore swimming both in the sea and in the swimming pool. However, salty or chlorinated water can damage your hair, making it super dry and brittle. What should you do in order for your hair to stay beautiful if you’re an ultimate swimming lover? Find it out in this article!
There are many different types of pool caps. In stores you can easily find silicone, latex, textile or combined swimming caps. For maximum comfort when using, we recommend choosing textile or combined options.
WET YOUR HAIR BEFORE GOING TO THE POOL OR SEA! Before coming into the water, try to wet your hair with pure water, and, if possible, apply the leave-in conditioner or lotions based on thermal water. This procedure will help saturate the hair with moisture and prevent the penetration of most harmful radicals or salt into its structure.
USE A HAIR SCRUNCHIE! If you have long hair and you haven’t tied it up, it can easily get tangled, which will then create difficulties when combing and lead to hair damage. Try to tie your locks and put them properly under the cap before swimming.
BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HAIR AFTER SWIMMING IN THE POOL OR SEA! Thus, you will clean the hair and scalp from chlorine, salt and other trace elements that got on them together with water.
If you’re a fan of swimming, choose
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