Nowadays salon hair dyeing is quite an expensive procedure. Thus, each woman wants her hair color to look as bright and vivid as possible for quite a long time. Unfortunately, not every lady has an opportunity to visit a hair salon every 3-4 weeks for a professional hairstylist to take care of her hair color. In this article, we will give you several useful tips on how you can maintain luxurious hair color longer. Keep on reading!1. Choose the right shampoo. Home hair care is very important, especially when it comes to dyed hair. Your shampoo should be created exclusively for dyed hair. If you’re blonde, then try blond shampoo and conditioner.2. Use a hair conditioner after each hair wash. Many women don’t use hair conditioners, but this is a big mistake. Moisturizing is what dyed hair needs the most.3. Ask your hairstylist to recommend you a nourishing hair mask. It will not just deeply moisturize your hair but prevent your hair color from washing off. A liquid keratin hair mask will nourish your hair and literally “seal” the hair dye inside your hair.4. Regularly use special toning coloring balms and masks for dyed hair. They will make your hair color brighter and allow you to postpone your visit to a hair salon. Choose Blonde Bottox Hair Expert Purple Toning Mask that will make your blonde hair even more gorgeous than it is! A unique formula combining Marine Collagen and Glutamic Acid with the Power of Almond Oil provides a long-lasting blonde balance, promoting platinum effect, deep hydration, and smoothing effect.

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