Each salon owner knows everything about the various ways of salon promotion: from ads in public transport to cooperation with bloggers. However, you may not know that some of your favorite promotion methods stopped working as effectively as they worked before. What are these methods? Keep on reading and find it out in this article!

 - Wrong promotional venues. That’s a crucial mistake that can ruin even a good promotional campaign. Just imagine that you have a beauty salon for youngsters and promote it on TV. However, teenagers don’t watch it, preferring social media outlets! Know your services and your target audience! 

 - Buying positive reviews. Several years ago fake positive reviews were one of the most popular promotional methods on the internet. However, today Internet users are smarter than ever, so they recognize fake reviews at first sight! Correctly performed keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment for natural hair don’t need fake reviews, as the result says it all!

 - Ads in local magazines and newspapers. Old. Outdated. Very irritating. There are almost no people who even open them. Even if you perform the best hair smoothing and straightening treatments, people just won’t find it out!

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