We bet that everyone’s happy with the fact that 2020 will be over in a few weeks! It means that soon 2021 will dictate its trends, particularly in the hair industry! What are the hottest 2021 trends that your hairstylists should know and be ready to repeat on clients? Keep on reading and find them out!
We can’t imagine a truly feminine sophisticated look without a hairstyle. Trendy 2021 hair colors will bring something creative to your usual hairstyle and spice up the whole look. Not every woman is ready for dramatic changes following the 2021 hair color trends. Fortunately, the new year offers its fashionistas not to change anything drastically. The only thing that can be done is to slightly change the natural tone, which will differ by two tones from the main color.
Blondes of the planet can say “Hurrah” In 2021 because stylists offer them many hair color options! The main thing is to be natural and take into account the color of your eyes and skin. The times of perhydrol for blondes have passed 30 years ago, so be careful with yellow and gray tones. In 2021 such shades aren’t trendy at all!
Among the trendy 2021 blonde shades are golden blonde; platinum blonde; pink blonde (strawberry); rich ice blonde; ash blonde.
Dark colors are also becoming fashionable. One of the hottest colors is black with a blue undertone. The brown-haired woman can definitely be called fashionable and stylish. For those who don’t like cold shades, the hairstylists offer a great variety of warm cinnamon and chocolate colors. If you have light eyes, they will literally shine with these hair colors especially if combined with warm skin tone.
The following colors can also be called popular: coffee; cognac; walnut; dark cinnamon; frosty chestnut; iced coffee; chocolate lilac.

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