Keratin hair treatment is one of the best hair treatments for damaged hair and that’s a fact! However, do you know all the benefits of keratin smoothing treatment? If no – keep on reading then!

Pros of keratin hair straightening:

- after the procedure, the hair is obedient and shiny;
- hair looks healthy;
- curly hair becomes more manageable;
- hair is protected from harmful solar radiation and other harmful environmental influences;
- hair becomes less brittle (bye-bye, dead hair ends!);
- hair dries faster.

The most popular countries that produce keratin straightening products are Brazil and the USA. The effect of Brazilian keratin lasts longer (up to 6 months) thanks to its formula. American keratin has a milder composition and is more expensive. Its main disadvantage is that the straightening effect lasts only up to 2 months.

That’s why we recommend you trying Amazonliss Brazilian keratin treatment. It provides deep restoration and straightening of your hair. That’s a perfect system for ultimate hair hydration and nutrition, protecting the hair from any extreme heat, such as flat iron, styler, and blow-dry temperatures.

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