We are so gland that Nutree helps millions of ladies around the world feel more beautiful and beloved. However, as a conscious brand, we care about our planet too as we have a desire to live in harmony with nature and the surrounding world. That’s why we have developed our Amazonliss Vegan Care line.
That’s a perfect keratin treatment which helps to smooth, restore and give shine to your hair without harm to the environment! The packaging is recyclable, which means it will not harm the environment.
Nutree Vegan Care will be perfect for dry hair and scalp that needs gentle cleansing. Plant keratin molecules (polysaccharides), due to their relatively small size, penetrate the hair structure better and act even more effectively!
Among the key ingredients of the product are Coconut, Avocado, and Vitamin F. Each ingredient has its unique qualities:
coconut moisturizes your hair,
Vitamin F improves the formation of hair follicles and provides their healthy and rapid growth. Avocado will protect your hair from dehydration.
What’s more, Vegan Care line is free from ammonia, alcohol and peroxide, which means that now you can get the safest keratin treatment ever!

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