We know how many brunettes there are who doesn’t want to dye their hair but still want it to look shiny and vivid. Unfortunately, natural dark hair isn’t always as bright as we want it to be. However, there’s a way out! Nutree is glad to introduce Bottox Expert for Brown Hair!

Brown Bottox is a real magic wand for our amazing brunettes! Bottox Hair Mask for dark hair will make your locks straight and silky smooth after just first application. Besides, you hair color will be revived without chemical hair dyes, isn’t it a dream? The result will last up to 2 months, however, you can prolong it by timely repeating the treatment!

This dark brown hair mask contains a blend of highly nourishing ingredients among which there are Marine Collagen and Almond Oil. Brunette hair mask quickly penetrates into the deepest layers of your hair, improving its structure and filling the existing voids from the inside. That’s why our product provides the deepest hair restoration that your brunette hair may desperately need! 

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